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Producing trustworthy of high quality starch, flour, and powder variants.

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About Us

We committed a contribution of fulfilling many variants of best starch, flour, and powder demand in Indonesia, while also collaborating with hundreds hectare of local farmers’ plantation.
Customers’ satisfaction is our foundation, together with our core value: initiative, grow up, mutual trust, and respectful.
These priorities are aimed to produce the best version of this company.
To reach customers’ satisfaction, we value all customers as a cooperation partner.

Company Value



Keep trying to suggest and initiate tons of


Grow Up

Developing company step by step



Customer oriented, walking on a foundation of customers' desire



Every person are able to play many different positions in order to make the system keep rotating

Our Products

Tapioca Starch

Extracted from guaranteed quality cassava that dried naturally using solar power and oven. This product has passed quality control test to ensure its excellence attribute while also being supported by BPOM and MUI certificate.

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Modified Cassava Flour / All Purpose Cassava Flour

All purpose cassava flour produced from cassava that has been fermented by lactic acid bacteria that have obtained halal certificates of the Indonesian ministry of religion. The process from cassava fermentation will produce flour that is free of gulten protein, odorless, and give white color without bleaching process. Processed by special and hygienic methods so it is often referred to as Premium Cassava Flour

Kindly contact us for any other or special requests (WhatsApp)

Our Team

Our Production

We have already exported starch to many countries.